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Religious Accomodations Policy


Under OHS laws, employers must ensure that workers use necessary PPE. Under human rights laws, employers must accommodate workers’ religious beliefs to the point of undue hardship. These obligations may

Religious Accomodations Policy2021-10-14T12:13:16-07:00

Work From Home Policy


To ensure that key functions within the XYZ Co’s business can be conducted from employees’ homes or, other remote locations is the purpose of this statement of Policy and Procedure.

Work From Home Policy2021-10-14T14:15:22-07:00

Social Distancing Policy


Require workers to follow COVID protocols both at and away from the workplace. As the pandemic drags on, businesses that remain open must be scrupulous to ensure employees maintain social

Social Distancing Policy2021-02-02T16:37:24-08:00

Adverse Weather Policy


Benefits Adverse weather conditions, such as blizzards, nor’easters, extensive flooding, etc., can make it dangerous for workers to get to work or do their job if it involves travel, say,

Adverse Weather Policy2020-07-01T08:00:14-07:00

Anti-Harassment Policy


BENEFITS Jurisdictions across Canada bar harassment in the workplace. So it’s imperative for all employers to make every effort to provide a harassment-free work environment. And an anti-harassment policy is

Anti-Harassment Policy2020-06-29T08:00:37-07:00

Biohazard Control Policy


BENEFITS Many workplaces contain biohazards, i.e., substances containing living organisms, including infectious micro-organisms, or parts of living organisms in their natural or modified forms that can cause illness, injury and

Biohazard Control Policy2021-10-14T11:48:06-07:00
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