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Fall Protection Policy (Alberta Version)

Vertical falls are a leading cause of workplace injuries, not to mention stop work orders and other [...]

Video Surveillance Policy Template

BENEFITS Video surveillance in the workplace can be very useful. For example, it can help you [...]

Body & Limb Protection & PPE Policy

From loading docks to lawyers’ office, your workers face risk of injury to the arms, legs and [...]

Work Over & Near Water Drowning Protection Policy

Drowning is a leading cause of workplace fatalities and OHS violations. The starting point for [...]

Hand Protection & PPE Policy

More than 1 in 4 workplace injuries (28%) are hand injuries, according to Statistics Canada. The [...]

Animals in the Workplace Health & Safety Policy

While generally not advisable as a matter of health, safety and sanitation, companies may choose to [...]

Worker Use of Company Vehicle Policy

If you rely on or allow your workers to drive company vehicles, you should implement a policy [...]

Electrical Work Safety Policy

Work performed on energized electrical equipment is extremely hazardous and subject to strict [...]

Material Stacking Safety Policy

Unsafe stacking of material is a leading cause of workplace incidents and injuries, as well as OHS [...]

Forklift-Mounted Work Platform Safety Policy

Forklift mounted platform operations aren’t something you can freelance. To perform them [...]

PPE & Foot Protection Policy

One of every 10 disabling workplace injuries in Canada is a foot injury, according to the Pedorthic [...]

Mental Health Accommodations Policy & Procedure

POLICY STATEMENT ABC Company is committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all of [...]

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