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Worker Use of Company Vehicle Policy

If you rely on or allow your workers to drive company vehicles, you should implement a policy setting out the ground rules to ensure safe and proper use and manage the attendant liability risks.


ABC Company furnishes vehicles for use by employees in carrying out the responsibilities of their jobs. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure safe, orderly, cost-effective and appropriate use of ABC Company vehicles in accordance with regulatory requirements, the ABC Company Occupational Health and Safety Program (‘OHS Program’), ABC Company liability insurance policies and other applicable requirements and standards.


ABC Company vehicles are property of the Company and may be used only by authorized employees accorded privileges in accordance with the terms of this Policy.

  1. SCOPE

3.1. Employees Covered

This Policy applies to any and all employees authorized by ABC Company to use Company vehicles, including:

    • Full- or part-time employees employed by ABC Company;
    • Temporary employees placed by an outside agency to work at the site;
    • Contract labourers engaged to perform work at the site;
    • Volunteers who work at the site for free; and
    • Workers employed by constructors, contractors, and subcontractors to perform work at the site under a contract with ABC Company.

3.2. Vehicles Covered

Except where the context requires otherwise, ‘Company vehicles’ as used in this Policy refers to all cars, trucks, vans, minivans, SUVs and other motorized vehicles owned by Company ABC that are made available for employees’ use.


4.1. Eligibility Criteria

ABC Company will grant privileges for use of Company vehicles only to employees who:

    • Have a valid driver’s license;
    • Have valid private automobile insurance;
    • Have not in the past [list number] of year:
      • Been in an accident at which they were at fault;
      • Been arrested or charged with drugs- or alcohol-impaired driving, distracted driving or other hazardous driving offence;
      • Had their license suspended or revoked for any reason; and
      • Been cited for more than [list number] of other traffic offences.

4.2. Applying for Privileges

Employees must apply for and be approved to receive privileges to use Company vehicles by submitting to their supervisor or manager a copy of:

    • The ABC Company Vehicle Use Privileges Application Form;
    • Their current driver’s license; and
    • Their current automobile insurance policy.

4.3. Background Check

ABC Company reserves the right to run a Motor Vehicle Record check on an applicant employee both before and at any time after granting him/her privileges.

4.4. Revocation of Privileges

Employees recognize that using Company vehicles is a privilege and not a right and that ABC Company may withdraw those privileges at any time and for any reason at its sole discretion including, but not limited to the employee’s:

    • Involvement in a traffic accident while driving;
    • Citation for a moving traffic offence;
    • Arrest or charge for a drugs- or alcohol-impaired driving, distracted driving or other hazardous driving offence;
    • Suspension, loss or revocation of his/her driver’s license; or
    • Failure to follow the requirements for safe and appropriate use of a Company vehicle set forth below.

Employees afforded privileges under this Policy must agree to:

  • Drive in a safe and responsible manner and follow the safety rules set out in Section 6 below;
  • Drive the Company vehicle only for job-related purposes, which may include not only traveling to client sites, field locations and other work destinations away from the worksite but also to and from home before and after their shift;
  • Maintain the vehicle in a clean, safe, professional and appropriate manner;
  • Ensure the vehicle is properly maintained;
  • Keep logs or other records documenting mileage, time and purpose of travel in the Company vehicle;
  • Immediately notify their manager:
    • Of any defects, mechanical problems or other conditions needing or potentially needing repair or maintenance;
    • Any accidents or incidents that occur while they are using the vehicle in accordance with Section 7 below;
    • Any driving-related citations, arrests or other actions involving them that occur while they are using the vehicle;
    • If their license or insurance is suspended or revoked.

Employees afforded privileges under this Policy must promise:

  • To drive sober and not drive if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or subject to fatigue, stress or other conditions impairing their judgment and ability to drive safely;
  • Not to smoke or use alcoholic beverages in a Company vehicle or allow any other occupant to do so;
  • Not carry firearms or other illegal contraband in the Company vehicle;
  • To obey all traffic safety laws, including but not limited to bans on texting and driving;
  • To always use their seat belt and ensure that all occupants of the vehicle do likewise;
  • Not allow unauthorized third persons operate the Company vehicle except in an emergency;
  • Park safely and securely and keep the Company vehicle locked when leaving it unattended.

Employees who are involved in an accident with a Company vehicle must immediately notify their manager so that ABC Company can contact its liability insurance provider. Unless and until instructed otherwise by ABC Company officials, employees shall not say anything that may sound like they are accepting responsibility for or guaranteeing payment to any other party. Employees may exchange insurance and other information with other drivers if instructed to do so by police at the scene.


Employees must immediately notify their manager of any parking tickets, traffic tickets or other offences involving the Company vehicle they receive or are charged with. Employees are responsible for paying any parking or traffic tickets or fines they receive involving their use of the Company vehicle.


An employee’s failure to follow the terms of this Company vehicle Policy may result in the loss of driving privileges as well as discipline up to and including termination in accordance with the terms of the employee’s collective agreement and the ABC Company Progressive Discipline Policy.