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Workplace Electronic Monitoring Policy

Electronic monitoring includes all forms of employee monitoring that is done electronically during working hours. Examples include tracking employee movements through access cards and GPS devices on delivery vehicles, and tracking employee website visits, emails, and online chats. This model policy uses GPS tracking examples.


ABC Company uses digital technologies and equipment to electronically monitor activities in the workplace and/or activity during work hours.


The purpose of this Policy is to make you fully aware of all aspects of the Company’s electronic monitoring activities, including how monitoring is performed, the devices and equipment used, the circumstances in which you may be subject to electronic monitoring, the information collected as a result of electronic monitoring and how the Company uses that information.


It is important for workers to understand how ABC Company performs electronic monitoring so that they understand that they’re being monitored and recognize that they have no reasonable expectation of privacy in the information collected in the course of monitoring activities. [Describe the monitoring you perform, the systems, devices and equipment you use to perform it and the circumstances in which monitoring may be performed].

Example: Global Positioning System (GPS) technology installed in ABC Company trucks to monitor information about the whereabouts, speeds and uses of those vehicles during delivery and transport operations. GPS has been installed in the following vehicles [list]. All such vehicles will be identified by clearly posted markings indicating that the vehicle is equipped with GPS…