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Powder Actuated Tools Policy

For all and intents and purposes, powder actuated tools that use an explosive charge to hurl a nail or other fastener are loaded firearms that should be used only when comprehensive safety policies and procedures are in place. Here’s a template powder actuated tools safety policy that you can adapt based on your own circumstances and use, either as a standalone policy or a rider that you can incorporate into your broader portable and hand tools safety policy.


ABC Company has adopted this Policy to ensure the safe use of a hand and power tool known as a powder actuated tool in accordance with [province] Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (‘OHS Regulations’), the Occupational Health and Safety Act (‘Act’), the ABC Company Occupational Health and Safety Program (‘OHS Program’), and other applicable requirements and standards.


This Policy is designed to complement the OHS Program and ABC Company training program by setting proper procedures for workers to follow when operating chain saws in industrial and construction settings. This Policy is not intended to address chain saw use in forestry, logging or other operations governed by special requirements contained in OHS or other applicable regulations that are specific to those operations.


For purposes of this Policy:

  • ‘Powder actuated tool,’ which is sometimes referred to as an explosive actuated tool, is a hand tool used to join materials to hard substrates like steel and concrete using a technology that relies on a controlled explosion created by igniting a small chemical propellant charge, similar to the process that causes a gun to fire a bullet; and
  • ‘Qualified operator’ means a worker who: (i) has been trained in the proper handling and use of the powder actuated tool; (ii) met applicable certification requirements for operating a powder actuated tool; and (iii) authorized by ABC Company to operate the powder actuated tool.