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How to Get Senior Management’s Support for Safety

In a recent poll, we asked if you raised a health and safety problem in your workplace with senior management, how confident you’d be that it would be addressed. The results were interesting—while 33% said they were very confident the problem would be addressed, another 33% said they were not at all confident. In the middle, 20% were fairly confident and 14% were not very confident that management would address their safety issues.

It’s hard to know what to make of these results except that it appears that in many workplaces, getting support from senior management on safety issues and initiatives is a challenge.

On OHSInsider, we have two kinds of content that can help you get management’s support.

Our Brief Your CEO/Senior Management articles, found under “Officers & Directors” in the index, can help you explain important safety compliance issues to your company’s officers, directors and other senior executives.

By showing them mistakes that other companies have made—and what those mistakes have cost—you can get senior management on your side when it comes to implementing safety measures that will prevent those same mistakes. Examples of topics they cover include:

You can also use our “Making the Business Case for Safety” content to convince senior management that investing in safety compliance, training and other safety-related initiatives will benefit the company financially and in other ways, such as improved production and reduced worker absences.

And you can visit SafetySmart.com for:

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