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Fatal Fall Through Skylight Opening Costs Roofing Company $150,000

Workers were replacing various sections of the roof on an industrial complex. They removed a skylight and placed a vapour barrier, consisting of reinforced paper, over the opening. None of the workers were wearing fall protection and no signs were posted to warn other workers about the fall hazard. A worker moved toward the opening. Although a co-worker shouted a warning, he stepped onto the paper and fell through the opening, falling about 20 feet to the concrete floor below. He died from blunt-impact head trauma. The roofing company pleaded guilty to failing, as a constructor, to ensure that workers working around an opening were adequately protected and that signs to warn workers of a hazard were posted. The court fined it $150,000 [Crawford Roofing Corp., Govt. News Release, Nov. 18, 2013].