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Company’s Collection & Use of GPS Information Didn’t Violate Privacy Laws

Mechanics for an elevator company don’t report to an office; they travel from their homes to jobsites using company vehicles. The company collected information from a GPS and engine status data system installed in its vehicles, including vehicles’ locations and movements, engine start and stop times and excessive speeding, braking and acceleration. Workers complained that the company was violating privacy laws. But the Information and Privacy Commissioner upheld the company’s GPS policy. Among other things, the information collected helped the company take a pro-active approach to safe driving, letting it address unsafe driving practices. In addition, the system helped the company locate a missing mechanic and investigate a fatality [Order F12-01, Schindler Elevator Corp. (Re), [2012] B.C.I.P.C.D. No. 25, Dec. 19, 2012].