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Workplace Fatigue & How Overworking Workers Costs More than It Saves

Fatigued workers are more likely to miss work, be less productive and suffer work injury. With [...]

Making the Business Case For Workplace Health & Safety Investments

It’s easy to get focused on immediate safety goals in your workplace, such as giving safety [...]

Essential Rigging Knowledge for Industry

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August 18: COVID-19 Labour Relations and Safety Litigation

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How Supervisor Training Maximizes the Effectiveness of the Return to Work Process

Lost time depends not just on the work injury but the efficiency of the RTW process. When workers [...]

Can OHS Inspectors Use Physical Force to Do Their Job?

Where courts draw the line between OHS enforcement powers and physical assault Like other [...]

How Having a Sound Safety Culture Can Result in a Lower OHS Fine

A safety culture can minimize both injury and liability risks People in our field talk a lot about [...]

Quiz: Pre-Job Briefings

When are Pre-Job Briefings required

WCB Denial of Psychological Injury Claim Bars Discrimination Suit on Same Issue

A test lab worker claiming he was racially harassed at work brought 2 cases?one with the WCB for [...]

?It Was a Mistake? No Defence for Possessing Illegal Cannabis at Work

Screeners find a tinfoil packet containing a small amount of cannabis in the jeans pocket of an [...]

$70,000 Fine Imposed for Failing to Comply with Orders on Harassment & Violence

An MOL conducted an inspection following an injury suffered by a worker for a security company. The [...]

$80,000 Fine Imposed for Failing to Safely Move Materials

An elevator company’s workers were unloading large tower sections from a flatbed truck and [...]

$1 Million Fine Imposed on Mining Company for Fatal Incident

A rock-crushing machine at a mining company’s plant got jammed with a broken-off steel moil [...]

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