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2 Companies, Director & Manager Fined for Environmental Violations

A company operated a non-hazardous waste transfer and processing facility under a C of A. The MOE got a number of complaints about the facility exceeding waste limits and producing excessive dust. It issued the company an order, but the company didn’t comply with the order. The MOE also shut down a burner at a neighbouring site due to adverse effect from smoke emissions. The waste company pleaded guilty to four violations, including failing to comply with its C of A and an MOE order, and was fined $30,000. The company’s sole director was fined $10,000 for two environmental offences. A company manager pleaded guilty to providing misleading written information to a Provincial Officer and was fined $5,000. And the company that owned the burner was fined $25,000 for permitting the discharge of a contaminant that caused harm or material discomfort [SEJJ Environmental Solutions Inc., John Rossi, Monica Mantegari-Solsona and Maverick Property Services, Govt. News Release, July 8, 2015].