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Winter Weather Safety & Preparedness Checklist

Winter weather, snow and ice can bring your business to a halt and expose you to liability risks of all kinds. Here’s a checklist you can use to carry out a pre-winter safety and liability risk management inspection.


Parking lots and sidewalks are free of cracks, potholes and depressions
Parking lots and sidewalks are free of tree limbs, trash, debris and other potential hazards
Speed bumps are safely designed, brightly painted and kept in good condition
Indoor common area floor surfaces are in good condition and free of hazards
Indoor common area floor surfaces are in good condition and free of hazards
There’s adequate lighting inside and outside the facility
Mats are provided at all entrances in case of wet or icy weather conditions
Mats are regularly inspected and changed out
Parking lots, sidewalks and common areas are routinely inspected
Identified hazards are addressed promptly
All incidents at the site are investigated in a timely manner
Adequate supplies of snow/ice melt are maintained and readily available
Worker Health & Safety
The organization has implemented policies and procedures to protect workers from cold stress hazards
Snow removal and other workers who work in snow and ice are required to wear durable work boots with slip resistant soles
Workers working in snow and ice are provided and required to use gloves, safety glasses or other PPE depending on the work
Workers are told to wear warm clothing and dress in layers