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Use Shake Out BC Day to Assess Your Earthquake Preparedness

Oct. 15, 2015 is Shake Out BC Day, a day dedicated to earthquake preparedness. But other parts of Canada are vulnerable to earthquakes, too.

For example, in June 2010, a moderate earthquake rattled east-central Canada, causing tall buildings to sway in Ottawa and Toronto. The tremors were also felt in Qu‚bec.

So if your workplace is in an area vulnerable to earthquakes, are you and your workers prepared to handle this natural disaster’

One way to test your workplace’s preparedness is to hold an earthquake drill. According to the Shake Out BC website, there are 10 key benefits to participating in Great Shake Out earthquake drills (you don’t have to hold them on Oct. 15). You and your employees will:

  1. Know how to protect yourselves in the workplace or at home
  2. Minimize incorrect, unsafe and potentially harmful actions during shaking
  3. Learn steps to lessen property damage
  4. Help save lives and reduce injuries
  5. Increase your businesses’ ability to survive a significant earthquake
  6. Learn how to recover and resume normal business operations more promptly
  7. Receive guidelines, updates, and reminders on sound emergency practices to increase your resiliency
  8. Protect your homes and families to be able to return to work faster
  9. Position your company as a role model for disaster preparedness in the community and your industry, possibly increasing market share
  10. Gain peace of mind as you become more prepared.