You have a legal obligation specific to the protection of new and young workers!

Did you know young workers are 5x more likely to get injured in their first 4 weeks on the job than their more senior coworkers’

OHS Insider has policies, procedures, and the tools you need to make sure you are compliant with young worker legislation and also dramatically reduce the risk of accident and injury for these vulnerable new workers.

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Reversing the Statistics – Practical Steps to Implement a Safety Awareness Program for New & Young Workers

We’re all too familiar with the incident statistics for new and young workers, which show that they’re more vulnerable to workplace injuries and illnesses. But a recent news story identified the low percentage of young workers who felt comfortable speaking up about workplace hazards. How do we get past such barriers and develop a positive culture that’s inclusive and responsive’

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Under the OHS laws, employers have a duty to protect all workers.

But some workers may need special attention because they may be particularly vulnerable to being injured on the job, like those that are new and/or young.

In fact, the OHS laws in many jurisdictions have special requirements intended to protect these at-risk workers. Often these requirements overlap as workers who are new to your workplace are often young as well.

In this report, you will find:

  • New & Young Workers – Answers to 8 Frequently Asked Questions
  • Protecting Young Workers – Top 7 Dangers for Young Workers
  • 8 Tips for Protecting Vulnerable Workers
  • Implementing a Safety Mentor Program to Protect Vulnerable Workers
  • Test Your Knowledge – New & Young Worker Safety Quiz
  • 8 Competencies for Young Workers

Plus, You’ll Also Get Access to These Great Materials!

  • Young Worker Orientation Checklist
  • Mentor Program Policy
  • New & Young Worker Safety Infographic

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