Company and Owner Fined $60,000 for Failing to Report Discharge of Pollutant


A company that specializes in custom gunsmith work, performance firearms, and tactical specialty products had control of the pollutant CS powder, which was accidentally spilled from a container and discharged into the air. CS powder is an irritant that’s used as a component of some types of tear gas. At the time of the discharge, approximately 16 children and two staff members were outside a nearby childcare centre on a playground. Wind blew the CS powder onto the playground, causing the children and staff to experience adverse effects including sore and burning throats, coughing, difficulty breathing and watery eyes. The company and its owner pleaded guilty to failing to give notice of a discharge or spill of a pollutant to the MOE in violation of the Environmental Protection Act. The court fined the company $50,000 and the owner $10,000 [Tactical Ordnance Inc. and Casey Brouwer, Govt. News Release, April 28, 2017].