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How to Make a Policy Fit My Organization

OHS Insider includes policies that you can modify to use in your own organization. Finding these is simple, but modifying them to suit your own purposes can be slightly more complex. We’ll go over some tips to make this easier on you.

First find the policy you want to modify. Each policy will have a PDF version. The PDFs can be edited in Microsoft Word or, if you have a license, Adobe’s official PDF software.

Once you’ve found the policy you want to modify, go ahead and download the PDF using the link at the bottom. Once it’s downloaded, you can open it in Word and start modifying it.

Our PDF’s allow you to fill in your company name, contact info and other important company-specific fields.

It is up to you how you want to modify your policy. Carefully read the policy and make sure it lines up with your company needs. You always add, modify or delete anything in these documents but be aware of the current regulations on the topic.

Once you are done modifying the document, delete the first page and save the document. You can then print, save, send and distribute the policy in any matter you see fit.