Workers' Compensation Compliance Centre

The workers’ compensation system is built on a trade-off: Workers give up the right to sue their employers for workplace injuries and illnesses in exchange for guaranteed coverage of treatment costs and compensation; employers get protection from lawsuits in exchange for making payments into the workers’ comp program. But workers’ comp doesn’t cover all injuries and illnesses a worker may suffer. For example, a claim for mental stress, a sleep disorder or injuries suffered while driving to work may not be approved.

Guidance and Insight

TEST YOUR OHS I.Q.: Is Injury Suffered During Safety Training Compensable?

A worker says he injured his testicle while suspended in a fall protection harness during training the previous day. Is his injury covered by workers' comp?

TEST YOUR OHS I.Q.: Is Mechanic’s Employer Liable for Accident Caused by Negligent Test...

A mechanic test drives a customer's car and hits another car. Is the customer or the auto body shop liable for the injured driver's damages?

INFOGRAPHIC: Integrated Technology for Active Shooter Preparedness

This infographic shows how you can use technology such as emergency alert systems to prevent and respond to active shooter situations in your workplace.

AB Commission Says Injuries Suffered in a Fight with a Foreman Were Compensable

An off-duty worker on leave gets drunk and injured in a fight with his foreman at a work camp. Should workers' comp cover his injuries?

WINNERS & LOSERS: When Does Workers’ Comp Cover Skin Cancer?

Here are two cases in which the issue was whether a worker’s skin cancer or pre-cancerous condition was compensable under workers’ comp.


Employers’ Illness/Injury Reporting Requirements under the Workers’ Comp Laws

An easy-to-read chart of an employer's illness and injury reporting duties under the workers' comp law of each jurisdiction.

Injury Reporting and the Risk of Liability for Workers Compensation Fraud

HOW TO USE THE TOOL Here’s a briefing that you can download and give to your CEO, Board or members of senior management to...