Safety Training Compliance Centre

One of the most fundamental components of an OHS program is safety training. You must not only ensure that training is effective but also be able to prove that workers got proper training and understood what they were taught. Safety training should start when new workers join your workplace and be provided in a language they understand.

Want more safety training tools? Go to SAFETY SMART ONLINE, which provides safety coordinators with tools to help them reinforce learning and manage their safety program, such as safety talks, quizzes, cost-of-injury worksheets and injury tracking forms.

Guidance and Insight

Heights Training

Ontario Alert: The Working At Heights Training Deadline Is Coming—Are You Ready?

Who the training rules affect and the 4 things you must do to comply.
construction project

Know the Laws of Your Province: Ontario “Construction Project” Rules

You must know what a “construction project” is to determine if you’re covered by new working at heights training rules.

VULNERABLE WORKERS: 8 Core Competencies for Young Workers

Young workers should have basic skills to help them stay safe, such as the abilities to problem solve, think critically and communicate effectively.

Ontario Updates Guideline on Training of Drivers Transporting Waste

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change just updated its Guideline for Training Requirements for Drivers of Waste Transportation Vehicles.

NIOSH Develops Fatigue Prevention Training for Alaska Pilots

NIOSH released a fatigue prevention training program for pilots in Alaska. Safety professionals for aviation companies in northern Canada should review it.


Ministry of labour

Authorization for Ministry of Labour Working-at-Heights Training Check

Check the training database on the Ministry of Labour’s website. Caveat: You’ll need a worker’s authorization to collect their personal training information.

Safety Glasses Toolbox Talk Handout

Adapt this handout for your workplace and your jurisdiction’s OHS laws. Give it to workers in conjunction with a safety talk on protecting their eyes.

PPE Training Quiz

Give this quiz to workers after they’ve received PPE training to ensure that they understood it and can demonstrate the proper use and care of their PPE.

Concussions Toolbox Talk Handout

Adapt this handout and give it to workers as part of a safety talk to educate them on concussions, their symptoms and how to prevent them.

PPE Training Certification Form

Use this form to document that you’ve provided PPE training to workers, what that training covered and that the workers understood their training.