New and Young Workers

Because new and young workers are particularly vulnerable to injury in the workplace, you can’t treat them the same as the rest of your workforce. For example, the OHS laws have special protections for new workers, such as required safety orientations. And the OHS and employment standards laws have special protections for young workers, including limits on the industries and jobs young workers can do and the hours they can work. And it’s important that your safety training for young workers be geared to that audience to be effective.

Guidance and Insight

Factsheet: Young Worker Safety–Advice for Employers

This factsheet from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work provides advice for employers on young worker safety.

Vulnerable Workers: Practical Steps to Protect New & Young Workers

This Special Report will help you to protect these new and young workers by explaining how “newness” can impact workers’ health and safety; the legal protections...

Another Tragedy Shows Vulnerability of New Workers

The death of a worker in New Zealand on his first day on the job is yet another example of the vulnerability of new workers in general.

The Top 7 Dangers for Young Workers

Young workers are one of the most vulnerable segments of the workforce. Here's a look at the top 7 dangers to such workers according to WorkSafeBC.

TRAINING: Answers to 5 FAQs about Safety Orientations for New & Young Workers

Here are answers to 5 frequently asked questions about safety orientations for new and young workers.

Helpful Tools

Safety Orientation Topic Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure that your safety orientation for new workers covers all appropriate topics.

Farm Safety Contract for Kids and Parents

Print this contract out, talk about the safety rules important for your farm, write them down and sign it with your child.

New Worker Training Assessment Form

Use this form, which is based on a form in Annex D of the CSA Z1001 OHS Training Standard, to assess the adequacy of your training for new workers.

Model Mentor Program Policy

Adapt this model policy for your safety mentor program and make sure all workers and supervisors are aware of the program.
Younger Workers Using a Forklift

Model Young Worker Orientation Checklist

Whether the OHS law requires you to provide special training to young workers or not, giving them a safety orientation is likely a best practice.