JHSC Compliance Centre

The joint health and safety committee (JHSC) is a key component of a company’s OHS program. The JHSC members inspect the workplace for safety hazards, discuss the results of those inspections in their meetings and formulate recommendations for management on safety issues. Thus, anything you can do to improve the JHSC’s effectiveness will positively impact the safety of the workplace overall.

Guidance and Insight

Poll Results Suggest that JHSCs Aren’t Very Effective

In a recent poll, 56% said their JHSC was only somewhat effective or not effective at all. The OHS Insider can help improve your JHSC's effectiveness.

New JHSC Requirements Added to BC’s OHS Regulation

Here's an overview of new JHSC requirements implemented in BC and based on recommendations from a coroner's inquest.

KNOW THE LAWS: General JHSC Member Training Requirements

Here are the general JHSC member training requirements in each jurisdiction.

JHSCs: Complying with the Member Training Requirements

Here’s a look at the JHSC member training requirements and answers to five key questions about such requirements.

Test Your OHS IQ: Must Employer Disclose Ergonomics Assessment to JHSC?

An employer has a consultant do an ergonomics assessment of the workplace. The report contains a worker's personal information. Does the JHSC have a right to the report anyway?


Model JHSC Rules of Procedure

Adapt these model rules of procedure for your company’s OHS program, JHSC and the JHSC requirements under the OHS laws in your jurisdiction.

JHSC Maintenance Checklist

The checklist identifies the activities employers need to perform to maintain a compliant JHSC. Use it to assess your maintenance of your committee.

Model JHSC Recommendation Form #2

Your JHSC can use this form when making safety recommendations to management, including management's response and any committee followup.

Model JHSC Recommendation Form

BENEFITS One the JHSC’s most important functions is making recommendations to management on safety. For example, the JHSC may recommend that workers be retrained...

Model JHSC Meeting Template

Customize this model JHSC Meeting Template and give it your JHSC. The committee can use the form to organize and structure its meetings.