Heat Stress Compliance Centre

The hazards workers can be exposed to aren’t always visible to the naked eye. Heat is one example. Exposure to extreme heat, whether due to the weather or from equipment, such as ovens and furnaces, can make workers sick—and even kill them. So employers need to understand their duty to protect workers from heat stress and how to protect them, such as by warning them of the dangers signs of heat-related illnesses.

Guidance and Insight

New Study Looks at Impact of Climate Change on Heat Stress in Workers

With summer temperatures expected to increase in the future, it’s critical that you implement safety measures to protect workers vulnerable to heat stress.

8 Tips for Protecting Workers from Heat Stress

It’s officially summer now, which means that workers who do their jobs outside will be exposed to hot and humid weather and thus vulnerable to heat stress.

INFOGRAPHIC: Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer for Outdoor Workers

Post this infographic from the Occupational Cancer Research Centre, which shows how sun exposure at work increases workers' risk of skin cancer.

MANAGING YOUR OHS PROGRAM: 5 Reasons You Should Protect Workers from Heat Stress

Here are 5 reasons you should take steps to protect your workers from heat-stress related illnesses this summer.

Acclimatization Plan Infographic

This infographic from the CDC shows how to protect workers from heat stress with an acclimatization plan.


Sun Protection at Work Safety Talk Handout

Adapt and give this handout to all workers who work outside at any time of the year as part of a safety talk on sun protection at work.

Sun Safety Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to implementing safety measures to control workers' exposure to UV radiation on the job.

Sun Protection Poster

Display this poster from Sun Safety at Work Canada to teach workers about six steps they can take to protect their skin and eyes from the sun.

Heat Exhaustion Safety Talk Handout

Adapt this handout and give it to workers who are exposed to heat and/or humidity in conjunction with a safety talk on heat exhaustion.

Sun Safety Handout for Workers

Give this handout of answers to frequently asked questions about sun safety and skin cancer to all workers who work outside.