Workplace Stress

Workplace stress refers to the physical, mental, or emotional strain experienced by employees due to various factors within their work environment. From an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) perspective, managing workplace stress is essential to maintain a healthy and productive workforce. OHS guidelines recommend identifying and addressing stressors such as heavy workloads, lack of control, unclear job expectations, or poor workplace relationships. Strategies to mitigate workplace stress include fostering a supportive work culture, providing resources for stress management and mental health support, offering flexible work arrangements, and encouraging open communication between management and employees. Prioritizing employee well-being not only improves morale but also reduces absenteeism, enhances productivity, and creates a safer and healthier work environment overall.

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Stress Prevention Checklist

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How Helping Employees Cope with Mental Illness Can Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line

Investing $100 in mental wellness may return $1,800 in productivity enhancements. Employer [...]

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