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$80,000 Fine Imposed on Manufacturer after Worker Is Burned

A worker at a manufacturing plant was assigned to troubleshoot and repair a machine that was failing to inject plastic into the mold when cycled. He adjusted the temperature to cool the machine’s nozzle head and then was called away several times for repairs to other machines. He returned and started to remove the head’s bolts. When he’d taken out all but the last bolt, molten plastic was expelled from the machine, hitting him mainly in the torso and causing serious burns. At the time, the worker wasn’t wearing a face shield as required by OHS regulation to protect a worke”s skin from contact with a hot object, hot liquid or molten metal. The manufacturer was convicted of a safety offence and fined $80,000 [Magna Exteriors & Interiors Corp., Govt. News Release, June 1, 2015].