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  • How to Select the Right PPE Against Heat Stress

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) for heat stress sounds like a contradiction in terms. After all, donning extra equipment is the last thing anybody would want when temperatures, humidity and exertion levels are high. In fact, PPE can play a vital role in protecting workers from heat stress dangers. Here’s a look at the 5 kinds of PPE available and the factors to consider in deciding whether to use each one at your workplace. Includes Silent Killer: Heat Stress Special Report

  • Seasonal Safety Protection for Outdoor Workers

    Workers who work outside in industries such as construction, mining, forestry, landscaping and park management face safety hazards that indoor workers don’t face. For example, outdoor workers are exposed to hazardous insects, such as ticks, and they may be vulnerable to attacks by wild animals, such as bears and wolves. Although insects and wild animals are part of nature, employers still have a duty to protect workers from them when they pose safety risks. So, here’s a look at what the OHS laws say about these “natural” hazards and how to protect workers from them. Includes Outdoor Animal Hazards Quiz

  • Working-at-Heights Training Checklist

    The new working at heights training required in Ontario lasts only three years and has to be renewed by taking a “refresher” course approved by the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO). As the employer, you’re responsible for ensuring that workers have the required training and that it’s up to date before you allow them to use fall protection on a construction project.

    There are 2 ways to verify this: Ask them for their CPO certification card or check the training database on the Ministry of Labour’s website.

    Caveat: You’ll need a worker’s authorization to collect their personal training information. Here’s a form you can use to get that authorization. Just be sure to adapt it for your own circumstances. Includes Safety Harness Checklist

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