MSIs and soft tissue injuries have become the fastest growing segment of workers comp lost time injury claims. 

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Learn How to Create an Effective MSI Hazard Assessment Team

The first step in any good MSI hazard assessment is to identify and assess the hazards that may lead to MSIs to your own workers. Hazard assessments should be led by somebody with experience in training in MSIs and OHS requirements. Thought musculoskeletal injuries won’t kill your workers they can have a significant impact on productivity. OHS laws require employers to implement what are known as “ergonomic” and other measures to protect workers from MSI risks.

Key Resources for Better MSI Protection:

  • 4 Steps to Take for Better Ergonomic Safety: Certain workplaces are full of serious safety hazards, including constructions sites and manufacturing operations. In contrast, office buildings and office spaces may seem hazards free – learn about the hazards you don’t see.
  • Resistance Training & MSI Prevention: There are many ways employers can prevent workers from developing MSIs, such as adjusting their workstations and ensuring they use appropriate hand tools. Studies show resistance training can prevent and manage MSIs of the neck, shoulder, and arm.
  • General MSI Risk Factors: OHS regulations requires employers to protect workers from MSIs. To do so, you need to train workers to recognize the risk factors that can lead to these kinds of injuries.

Back Safety, Fall Protection, and MSI Protection: The Power of OHS Insider

With OHS Insider you can successfully implement new policies, follow expert advice, and reduce your workplace accidents by downloading one of our compliance gameplans. Now you can search anything OHS related and always have a resource that matches your specific needs. Edit model policies and use engaging training content to help your workers retain the training you provide to them.

Proven Resources to Decrease Incidents:

  • Fall Protection: In everyday language, “falls” is a generic term that summarizes all categories into one. However, there are different types of falls each with their own related hazard prevention strategy.
  • Back Safety Basics: Learn the true hazards that increase back issues for your workers and develop a strategy to prevent an impact on your productivity. Get inside information from one of our safety experts.
  • Preventing Back Injuries at Work: Many organizations have welcomed employees back to the office while incorporating a hybrid working model. Now that more employers are working virtually from home OHS compliance can be in a grey zone.

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