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OHS Insider is your one-stop for expert legal advice, easy-to-implement tools, compliant policies, training, documentation, and much more. OHS Insider has everything you need at your fingertips, 24-7, 365 days/year.

It is intuitive and accessible on any device. All your answers to your organization’s most complicated and mission-critical questions are at your beck and call.

  • Expert Guidance: Get unlimited access to employment lawyers, consultants, and a community of OHS professionals.

  • Compliant Training: Get updates on case law and legislation as well as training you can roll out in the click of a button.

  • Ready-To-Use Tools: Instead of legalese, we give you the compliant policy, procedure, letter, form, or other practical solution.

With OHS Insider you get unlimited access to experts, ready-to-use tools written by experts, and the ability to implement a solution in no time. We have been helping thousands of Canadian businesses, big and small, to navigate case law and legislation to ensure that their employment policies are compliant – see how we can help you!

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OHS Insider users report saving up to 180 hours per year on their OHS work because of OHS Insider’s ready-to-use resources. Reallocate that time into high-priority assignments, bottom-line driving initiatives, culture building activities, and more!

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What keeps you team from executing the correct OHS policy the first time? How do you know you are compliant without spending hours or days consulting public resources, case law, and experts? With OHS Insider, you just click, download, and implement – we’ve done all the heavy lifting, and you get all the reward.

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