How to Audit Your OHS Policies and Why You Should Be

Date: March 14th, 2018

Speaker: Rick Tobin, President and CEO at Bongarde

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Do you have all the core policies your organization requires?

And if so, when is the last time you revisited them and confirmed they were up to date with new legislation?

It’s easy to assume your policies are accurate, but in the event of a lawsuit, having an outdated policy could mean big fines – leaving everyone thinking, “Why wasn’t this prevented?”

Consider the case where a company had a lockout tagout policy, but not one geared towards a specific machine that workers used. A worker, who did not lock out the machine, had his hand severed. Because the company’s policies didn’t encompass all machines, they were fined $55,000.

It’s not worth risking your organization’s workers, finances, and reputation over unclear and outdated policies.

Find out how much not being compliant can cost your organization and an effective way to audit your OHS Policies to minimize your risk of fines, accidents, and incidents.