It’s Too Hot to Make Mistakes
Your Superhero Guide to Navigating and Preventing Workplace Heat Stroke

Did You Know’

Or higher within 10 – 15 minutes leads to heat stroke
Estimated workers die each year from heat stroke
Visits the emergency room for heat-related stress each year
Workers are exposed to occupational heat stress each year

The hottest day ever recorded in history was July 3rd, the average global temperature reached 17.01 degrees Celsius. The previous record was in August of 2016 where temperatures reached 16.92C. As the world gets hotter, the danger of being unprepared, or worse unaware, of the productivity killer Heat Stress has had a significant impact on employee in your industry.

Your preparation for heat stress should be better, and we can help you do it! With access to hundreds of resources, we’ve got all the tools you need to fix unsafe working conditions in no time, and all with the added benefit of staying within your budget.

Keep Your Employees Safe This July

Top 5 Tips

Top 5 Summer Workplace Safety Hazards

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Heat Stress PPE

Use PPE to Protect Your Workers from Heat Stress

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Heat Stress Kit

Heat Stress Compliance Game Plan

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Safe Work Procedure

Heat Stress Hazards -First Aid & Emergency Response

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First Aid Assessment

First Aid Assessment Form

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The Silent Killer

Heat Stress Concerns

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Supervisor Training

Heat Stress Supervisor Training

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Safe Work Procedure

Safe Work Protocols for Heat Stress

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