Workplace Violence Compliance Centre

All Canadian employers are required to protect workers from the risk of workplace violence and harassment, which can be more challenging than protecting them from traditional safety hazards, such as falls, dangerous chemicals and pinchpoints. You’ll need to ensure that your company conducts an assessment to determine if there’s a risk of violence in the workplace. If there is a risk, you’ll need to take steps to protect workers, particularly those who work alone. And if workers complain of violence or harassment, you’ll need to properly investigate those complaints.

Guidance and Insight

Recent US Tragedies Illustrate Two Workplace Violence Threats

Violence can erupt in a workplace for various reasons. A pair of recent tragedies in the US illustrate two types of workplace violence threats.

Train Supervisors & Workers on the Red Flags for Workplace Violence

If employees are aware of the warning signs of violence, they may be able to diffuse the situation before violence occurs or take other appropriate steps.

Poll Results: Worker-on-Worker Violence Biggest Safety Concern

In a recent poll, nearly 34% said that worker-on-worker violence was the type of violence they were most concerned about in their workplace.

11 Dos & Don’ts for Dealing with a Workplace Violence Incident

If a workplace violence incident occurs, call 911 as soon as possible, notify others in your work area and follow these dos and don’ts.

INFOGRAPHIC: Third-Party Workplace Violence

This infographic explains which workers are at risk for third party violence, potential consequences of such violence and how to address it.


Violence Threat Assessment Questionnaire

To assess the risk of workplace violence by an employee, the FBI suggests that the following questions be asked to anyone familiar with his behaviour.

Safety Talk Handout on Workplace Bullying

Adapt this handout and give it to workers as part of a safety talk to educate them on workplace bullying, harassment and violence.

Checklist for a Workplace Domestic Violence Program

Use this checklist to develop a program for preventing and addressing domestic violence in your workplace.

Model Workplace Violence Program

Adapt this model program to ensure that you provide a safe work environment for workers and protect them from workplace violence.

Am I Being Bullied Questionnaire

Give this questionnaire to all employees and encourage them to complete it if they suspect that they might be the victims of workplace bullying.