WHMIS Compliance Centre

Chemicals are Dangerous.

Dangerous substances, such as chemicals, are one of the most common hazards in the workplace. WHMIS is designed to protect workers from such hazardous substances through the use of MSDSs, labels and training.

Guidance and Insight

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: You Should Judge a Container by Its Label

What’s wrong with these containers of hazardous substances, particularly their labels?

Infographic: Implementation of WHMIS 2015 Across Canada

This infographic shows the progress of the implementation of WHMIS 2015 across Canada to date, the phases of the transition and the new symbols.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: Don’t Put This in Your Coffee

Is an empty jar of non-dairy creamer really an appropriate container for bleach? How should this hazardous substance be stored?

Technical Guidance on the WHMIS 2015 Supplier Requirements

The purpose of this technical document is to provide guidance on the WHMIS 2015 requirements to suppliers of hazardous products.

WHMIS 2015: An Update on Its Implementation Across Canada

Here’s an update on the progress the jurisdictions have made in implementing WHMIS 2015, the key dates you should know about and the impacts on employers.


WHMIS 2015 Classification System Handout

Adapt this handout and use it as part of your worker training on WHMIS 2015 and how the new system classifies hazards.

WHMIS 2015 Overview Handout for Workers

Adapt this handout for the WHMIS 2015 requirements and transition deadlines in your jurisdiction and use it as part of your worker training on WHMIS 2015.

WHMIS 2015 Pictogram Quiz

Give workers this quiz after you’ve trained them on WHMIS 2015 to ensure they understand the new pictograms and the hazards the images represent.


Adapt this checklist to reflect your jurisdiction’s adoption of WHMIS 2015 in its OHS laws. Use it to implement WHMIS 2015 in your workplace.

Safety Talk: Safety Data Sheets in the Globally Harmonized System

Give this safety talk to workers to start getting them familiar with Safety Data Sheets, which will replace the MSDSs currently used under the WHMIS system.