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Is a Contractor Liable for a Subcontractor’s Environmental Violation?

A contractor may be fined more than the subcontractor for allowing the violation to happen [...]

When Is a Worker Guilty of an OHS Violation?

Workers have not only OHS rights but also OHS duties. Under the Internal Responsibility System [...]

Are Employers Liable to Visitors Who Suffer Injuries on the Property? – Quiz

Occupiers liability laws require owners to make their property reasonably safe for visitors. The [...]

When Environmental Laws Collide with Aboriginal Rights – Quiz

Canadian law recognizes certain otherwise illegal activities that are part of Aboriginal rights [...]

Confined Space – Permit Required Quiz

QUESTION What are the ways to control hazards in confined space’ ANSWER These include [...]

Commercial Fishing Quiz

QUESTION Give examples of the kind of situations crew members in boats/ships may confront which [...]

Combustible Dust Quiz

QUESTION How do combustible dust explosions happen’ ANSWER Any fire needs three elements [...]

Bloodborne Pathogens Quiz

QUESTION What are the ways infectious microorganisms known as bloodborne pathogens which cause [...]

Back Safety Quiz

QUESTION What are the three work procedures and processes that cause back pain’ ANSWER Force [...]

Asbestos Quiz

QUESTION What is asbestos’ ANSWER Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring silicate [...]

Radiation Quiz

QUESTION What are the three principal actions that minimize exposure to radiation’ ANSWER [...]

PPE – Respiratory Quiz

QUESTION What are respiratory hazards’ ANSWER Respiratory hazards are: Invisible Can be a [...]

PPE – Legs/Feet Quiz

QUESTION How can employers help workers to protect their feet’ ANSWER Trough safety programs [...]

PPE – Hearing Quiz

QUESTION What are three components to control unacceptable noise in the workplace’ ANSWER The [...]

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