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Are Employers Liable to Visitors Who Suffer Injuries on the Property? – Quiz


Occupiers liability laws require owners to make their property reasonably safe for visitors. The reason workers who suffer injuries at work don’t sue their employers for negligence is workers comp.

Are Employers Liable to Visitors Who Suffer Injuries on the Property? – Quiz2022-07-08T10:57:22-07:00

Which Company Is Liable, as an Employer, for Excavation Gas Pipe Explosion? – Quiz


An employer’s OHS duty to protect may extend to the workers it doesn’t actually employ. Canadian OHS laws require “employers” to take measures to protect the health and safety of

Which Company Is Liable, as an Employer, for Excavation Gas Pipe Explosion? – Quiz2022-03-04T09:54:09-08:00

Back Safety Quiz


QUESTION What are the three work procedures and processes that cause back pain? ANSWER Force. When too much force is exerted such as by lifting or moving heavy objects. Repetition.

Back Safety Quiz2022-04-05T14:25:25-07:00

Asbestos Quiz


QUESTION What is asbestos? ANSWER Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring silicate minerals. Mined and milled from native rock, asbestos is fibrous, thin, and strong. Chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, tremolite,

Asbestos Quiz2022-04-05T14:13:26-07:00

Radiation Quiz


QUESTION What are the three principal actions that minimize exposure to radiation? ANSWER Reduction of radiation exposure by: Time  Limit or minimize exposure time reduces the close from the radiation

Radiation Quiz2022-04-05T14:09:04-07:00

PPE – Respiratory Quiz


QUESTION What are respiratory hazards? ANSWER Respiratory hazards are: Invisible Can be a particulate, gas or vapor, and include airborne contaminants, biological contaminants, dusts, mists, fumes, and gases, or oxygen-deficient

PPE – Respiratory Quiz2022-04-05T13:55:18-07:00

PPE – Hearing Quiz


QUESTION What are three components to control unacceptable noise in the workplace? ANSWER The three components are: At source, measures are aimed at reducing or eliminating the noise being generated.

PPE – Hearing Quiz2022-04-05T13:44:32-07:00

PPE – Eyes Quiz


QUESTION What are the employers responsibilities to the employees with respect to exposure of potential eye injuries? ANSWER Know the eye safety dangers in the workplace. Eliminate hazards before starting

PPE – Eyes Quiz2022-04-05T13:20:33-07:00

Patient Lifting Quiz


QUESTION What are the three foundational aspects of lifting program? ANSWER Avoid a manual patient handling where possible. Plan patient maneuvers. Train and evaluate. WHY IS IT RIGHT PATIENT HANDLING

Patient Lifting Quiz2022-04-05T13:16:05-07:00

Overhead Hazards Quiz


QUESTION What are the three major hazards with respect to overhead head crane operations? ANSWER Electrical hazards. Overloading. Material falling/ slipping from overhead hoists. WHY IS IT RIGHT OVERHEAD CRANE

Overhead Hazards Quiz2022-04-05T13:09:32-07:00

Office Safety Quiz


QUESTION What are the three principal reasons for poor indoor air quality in office building? ANSWER The presence of indoor air pollution sources. Poorly designed, maintained, or operated systems. The

Office Safety Quiz2022-04-05T12:47:58-07:00

Off-the-Job Quiz


QUESTION Name the 5 subjects/topics that are the most relevant to the discussions of off-the-job safety. ANSWER Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Prevention, Slip/Trips/Falls, Back Care, Driver Safety. WHY IS IT

Off-the-Job Quiz2022-04-05T12:45:46-07:00

Noise Quiz


QUESTION What are the three steps to eliminate the negative effects of hearing loss in the workplace? ANSWER Disclosure of hearing loss. Workplace accommodations. Managing hearing loss in the workplace.

Noise Quiz2022-04-05T12:38:41-07:00
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