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New Canadian OHS Laws Scorecard 2023

A briefing on the most important new OHS laws adopted this year.

Workplace Harassment Laws Around The Provinces

What the OHS laws require you to do to prevent and respond to workplace harassment. The OHS laws of [...]

When Do Municipal Environmental Laws Go Too Far?

Cities have limited powers to regulate environmental matters beyond their boundaries.

Cracking Down on Greenwashing Has Become an Enforcement Priority

Companies pay the price for making false environmental claims about their products. As consumers [...]

OHS Bill 88: Naloxone Kit Requirement

New Ontario law (Bill 88) requires naloxone kits at high-risk workplaces. The opioid crisis is [...]

Spring Cleaning: Out With The Old COVID-19 Regulations

On April 14, 2022, the Ontario Government filed O. Reg 346/22: Revoking Various Regulations, which [...]

Key Trends In Arbitration Awards Pertaining To Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policies

Since late fall 2021, we have seen a steady flow of arbitration awards emerge in Ontario and [...]

Court Of Appeal Certifies WestJet Sexual Harassment Class Action

In Lewis v. WestJet Airlines Ltd.1, the British Columbia Court of Appeal certified a class action [...]

If Vaccine Passports Are Dead, Should Vaccine Policies Be Too?

Over the last year, many employers have introduced mandatory COVID 19 vaccine policies into their [...]

Part one: BC Relaxes COVID-19 Workplace Measures

British Columbia continues to take steps toward relaxing COVID-19 workplace safety requirements and [...]

Numerous Provinces Announce The End Of Provincial Vaccine Mandates, What Does This Mean For The Future?

On December 9, 2020, just nine months after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a [...]

Occupational Health And Safety: Preparing For The Interim Regime

The implementation of changes and developments in occupational health and safety, which began with [...]

…Introducing Electronic Monitoring Legislation, A First Of Its Kind

On February 28, the Ontario government tabled Bill 88, the Working for Workers Act, 2022, which, if [...]

WorkSafeBC’s High-Risk Strategy for Construction Taking a Risk-Based Approach to Reduce Injuries

Serious injuries account for 19 percent of all claims in construction B.C.’s construction [...]

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