When it comes to supervisor safety responsibilities, there's a fine […]


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Brief Your CEO on How Supervisors Protect Company Officers from OHS Liability

When it comes to supervisor safety responsibilities, there's a fine […] Search for: Login [...]

Must Employer Accommodate Part-Time Caretaker Who Can’t Perform that Job Anymore?

SITUATION A part-time caretaker at a school dislocates her shoulder […] Search for: Login [...]

Brief Your CEO: Using Safety Consultants Doesn’t Shield Company from OHS Liability

Relying on outside consultants isn?t enough to prove compliance with OHS laws

Brief Your CEO: How the JHSC Protects Our Company from Liability

Getting your company's officers to see the value of a robust JHSC.

Brief Your CEO: What Due Diligence Is All About

Explaining how your OHS program personally and directly affects your officers and directors

BRIEF SENIOR MANAGEMENT: Supervisor’s Act Can Be Basis for Criminal Liability

The Metron case confirms that the conduct of a someone on a lower level of the company hierarchy [...]

Brief Your CEO: Temporary Workers and Training

Don't assume that employment agencies are solely responsible for providing safety training for [...]

Brief Your CEO: Why Formal EHS Programs Are Necessary for Due Diligence

A licensed outfitter in Saskatchewan hired high school students to […] Search for: Login [...]

Brief Your CEO: Officers & Directors Can Be Personally Required to Remediate Contamination

A company operated a resin production facility on property in […] Search for: Login THIS [...]

Brief Your CEO: How False ‘Green’ Marketing Claims Can Lead to Liability for Officers & Directors

A company claimed in ads that a device called the […] Search for: Login THIS INSIGHT IS FOR [...]

Brief Your CEO: Officers & Directors Can’t Turn a Blind Eye to Safety

At a manufacturing plant, a worker was operating a vertical […] Search for: Login THIS [...]

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