You Can’t Have Too Many Workers with First Aid Training

The use of appropriate first aid can help prevent a relatively minor injury from becoming more serious and stabilize a seriously injured worker until they can get proper medical attention. That’s why the OHS laws require workplaces to have a certain number of onsite workers who’ve been trained in first aid (so-called first aiders, first aid providers or first aid attendants).

The OHS Insider can tell you how to:

Yes, you’ll be in compliance if you provide first aid training for only the minimum number of workers required for your type of workplace under the OHS law. But there’s a case to be made for having many workers onsite who are qualified to give basic first aid.

And some companies are taking this approach. We recently asked who in your workplace gets first aid training. The results:

  • 41% said anyone who wants first aid training can get it
  • 37% said only those workers designated as first aid attendants or providers get such training
  • 22% give all workers basic first aid training.

Now if only more people wanted first aid training.

According to a recent Canadian Red Cross survey, nearly 40% of Canadians say they’ve been in an emergency where they had to perform first aid, but only 18% are currently certified. And although 68% say they can recognize the signs of a life-threatening emergency, such as choking or cardiac arrest, fewer than half believe they have the skills to provide life-saving basic first aid.

Go to Safety Smart for information on first aid, including:

  • A safety talk handout for workers on first aid essentials
  • A basic first aid course.

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And SafetyPoster.com has first aid posters you can buy for your workplace.