Workplace Posting Requirements OHS and Workers Comp Checklist – Prince Edward Island

The duty to post notices, information and other materials at your workplace for your employees comes from 4 different sets of laws, including OHS and workers’ compensation.

Use this checklist to ensure your organization has the required postings.


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Stop work + other orders for workplace issued by OHS inspector
Names + contact info of JHSC members or safety rep
Minutes of most recent JHSC meeting
Workplace Violence Code of Practice
Workplace Harassment Code of Practice
Any other Code of Practice required by OHS Act or Regs.
Current phone number for workers to report OHS concerns to WCB
Copy of OHS policy (if 5 or more regularly employed workers at site)
Names + phone numbers of first aid providers
Emergency phone numbers
Location of first aid kits in workplace (by posting sign)
Names of persons designated to handle dynamite or other high explosives