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Working Alone

Protecting Workers Who Work Alone

Most workers work in an environment where there are other workers, visitors, members of the community, etc. But some workers work by themselves, for example some may work onsite but at odd hours such as retail staff working the late shift, security guards or cleaning staff. Others may work offsite or in remote locations, such as salesmen, repairmen, delivery personnel or workers at forestry operations. When alone, workers may be more vulnerable to certain hazards, such as violence, or unable to get help if they get injured or fall ill.

Workers are generally safest when they’re with co-workers, supervisors and others who can provide help if they get into trouble–or keep them out of trouble in the first place. Working alone increases the likelihood that injuries will occur and that they’ll be more serious when they do. As an OHS director, you need to protect these vulnerable workers; the migration of workers to home in wake of remote work adds new urgency to this challenge.

Lone workers are especially vulnerable to some safety hazards. For example, workers such as afterhours cleaning staff, repairmen of late-night employees in general are more at risk of being subjected to workplace violence. But the dangers of working alone don’t stop there. If workers get injured or become ill while they’re by themselves, they may not be able to call for assistance or safely get medical attention.


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