Worker’s Fatal Fall Through Skylight Results in $80,000 Fine

A building’s roof contained numerous skylight units. But there were no safety devices such as guardrails, barriers or protective covers in place around or over the skylights while workers were performing roof repairs. A worker who was sent to assemble materials and tools was last seen walking across the roof to do so. A short time later, another worker discovered the dome of one of the skylight units was broken and looked down to see the worker lying face down on the concrete floor about 23 feet below. The worker who died wasn’t using any type of fall protection. The employer pleaded guilty to failing to install temporary guardrails or barriers around a skylight or a temporary skylight screen, grate or cover capable of handling any load imposed it, or to ensure that a worker working near a skylight used a travel restraint system or a fall restricting system. It was fined $80,000 [Innovative Industries, Govt. News Release, Oct. 20, 2014].