Poll Results: Worker-on-Worker Violence Biggest Safety Concern

Workplace violence is one of the “newer” safety hazards that the OHS laws require employers to take steps to address. But violence on the job can take many forms and thus may require different safety measures.

When we recently asked what type of violence you’re most concerned about in your workplace, you said:

  • Worker-on-worker violence (33.85%)
  • Violence by outsiders, such as clients (27.69%)
  • Active shooters (6.15%)
  • Terrorism (1.54%).

Interestingly, nearly 31% said they weren’t concerned about any type of violence in their workplaces. (See what results we got when we asked this question in 2012.)

For those of you most concerned about internal violence by workers against other workers, supervisors, etc., see:

Those of you concerned primarily concerned about violence by outsiders should see:

For those most concerned about active shooters, learn how to train your workers on responding to an active shooter. And those worried about terrorism should give workers this handout as part of a safety talk on the topic and use this form to gather key information should someone call in a bomb threat to your company.