Worker Gets 6 Months’ Jail for Fatal Hit and Run Accident

At night, a security guard wearing only dark clothing was struck by a worker leaving work. He drove away but returned 20 to 25 seconds later. Unfortunately, during that time, a truck had reversed in the driveway, killing the guard. The worker was convicted of several crimes, including criminal negligence causing death. At sentencing, the court noted that the accident wasn’t the worker’s fault, he did return to the scene and he expressed remorse. But he didn’t initially report having hit the guard before the truck did. Because this case isn’t a typical “hit and run” and has highly unusual circumstances, the court sentenced the worker to six months’ jail less a day and 18 months’ probation [R. v. Layugan, [2016] ONSC 2077 (CanLII), March 30, 2016]. (Read about the OHS prosecution of the employer as to this incident.)