Use Case Studies to Get Executives to See the Value in Workplace Safety

In a recent poll, we asked if your CEO or company owner gets the value of worker health and safety. A mere 50% said yes. Another 26% said no, while 24% had no idea, which is almost as bad as a no.

Without support from the top of the company’s food chain, it’s hard—if not impossible—to develop a strong safety culture and effective OHS programs.

So how do you get senior management to see the value in investing in workplace safety beyond mere compliance with the OHS laws?

One way is to show them the mistakes that other companies have made and what those mistakes have cost as well as case studies of companies that have benefited from investing in safety initiatives.

Use the OHS Insider’s “Making the Business Case for Safety” articles to convince senior management that investing in safety compliance, training and other safety-related initiatives will benefit the company financially and in other ways, such as improved production and reduced worker absences.

For example, this case study demonstrates the ROI of investing in participatory ergonomics programs and these five case studies show how companies can save millions with wellness programs.