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OHS Insider delivers hundreds of useful tools that will save you both time and money, while also ensuring that your business is compliant with the latest laws and regulations in your area and/or industry.

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Scaffolding Safety Checklist

Adapt and use this checklist to ensure scaffolding has been erected properly, safety measures are all in place and workers are using the scaffolding safely.

Employee Wellness Survey

October is Healthy Workplace Month. Use this survey to learn the kinds of programs and activities employees would like in a wellness program.

Workplace Stress Handout

October is Healthy Workplace Month. So give this handout to workers to educate them on workplace stress, its signs and symptoms, and ways to deal with it.

WHMIS 2015 Pictogram Quiz

Give workers this quiz after you’ve trained them on WHMIS 2015 to ensure they understand the new pictograms and the hazards the images represent.

Safety Harness Checklist

Have supervisors complete this checklist when a worker is required to use a safety harness to ensure he has the right equipment and is using it correctly.