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OHS Insider delivers hundreds of useful tools that will save you both time and money, while also ensuring that your business is compliant with the latest laws and regulations in your area and/or industry.

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Age Management Assessment Checklist

Use this checklist to assess whether your company adequately addresses or includes age of its staff members in its management, including its OHS program.

Sun Safety Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to implementing safety measures to control workers' exposure to UV radiation on the job.

Hand Tool Selection Checklist

Use this checklist to compare similar hand tools and select the most appropriate one for the job and the worker who’ll be using it.

Safety Orientation Topic Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure that your safety orientation for new workers covers all appropriate topics.

PPE Training Quiz

Give this quiz to workers after they’ve received PPE training to ensure that they understood it and can demonstrate the proper use and care of their PPE.