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OHS Insider delivers hundreds of useful tools that will save you both time and money, while also ensuring that your business is compliant with the latest laws and regulations in your area and/or industry.

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OHS Program Documentation Checklist

Adapt this checklist and use it to ensure you have documentation to prove that you have a comprehensive and compliant OHS program.

Welding Safety Form

Adapt this form and use it to audit your welding safety procedures to ensure that they comply with the OHS requirements and adequately protect all workers.

Motor Vehicle Safety Program Checklist

Use this checklist to help you create a Motor Vehicle Safety Program tailored to your company, its operations and any relevant laws in your jurisdiction.

Model Workplace Harassment Policy

Although this model policy was created for Ontario employers, you can adapt it for your HR policies, OHS program and your jurisdiction’s requirements.

Age Management Assessment Checklist

Use this checklist to assess whether your company adequately addresses or includes age of its staff members in its management, including its OHS program.