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OHS Insider delivers hundreds of useful tools that will save you both time and money, while also ensuring that your business is compliant with the latest laws and regulations in your area and/or industry.

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Electrical Safety Program Checklist

Use this checklist to develop a new or review an existing electrical safety program for your workplace.

Dust Collector Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure that you’ve selected the right dust collector for your workplace, installed it correctly and are maintaining it properly.

Nail Gun Safety Toolbox Talk Handout

Give this handout to workers to educate them on the hazards posed by nail guns and how they can protect themselves when using these tools.

Safety Culture Snapshot Survey

Use this form to help you assess and understand your workplace’s safety culture and improve areas of weakness.

Inspection Checklist to Prevent Drops

Adapt this checklist and have workers use it before and after performing tasks in which there’s a risk of tools, materials or other items being dropped.