Model Warning Letter to Worker for Safety Violation



Worker’s Name


Warning Letter for Your Failure to Follow Safety Rules

Dear First Name:

We are sending you this written warning under the progressive discipline policy because of your repeated violations of Company workplace safety rules.

Previous Violation & Response

This is not the first time that we have spoken to you about disobeying safety rules. You explained [summarize worker’s explanation]. But you also agreed that what you were doing was wrong and unacceptably dangerous and that you could face discipline for future violations. As counseling ended, you promised [supervisor name] that you wouldn’t do it again and assured him/her you would make a more determined effort to follow safety rules in the future.

Most Recent Violation & Response

Despite these assurances, you were observed [describe new offence] on [date]. Once again, [supervisor name] spoke to you about working unsafely and pointed out the safety rules you were violating. This time, your explanation was [summarize worker’s explanation].  We have concluded that your explanation is unsatisfactory and doesn’t justify your infractions.


Accordingly, we have decided to issue you this warning for violations of Company safety rules. Going forward, we expect and require you to follow all safety rules, including but not limited to [describe your specific safety expectations]. Although we have every confidence that you will correct the problems and meet these expectations, we also want to make it clear that your previous counseling and this written warning represent the first two steps in the Company’s progressive discipline policy. If you commit further violations, we may invoke the progressive discipline policy again and impose sterner discipline, up to and including termination.


[First name,] we implore you to take this seriously. The Company has adopted health and safety rules to prevent injuries and enable everyone who works for us to return home to their families in one piece at the end of each day. When you don’t follow the rules, you endanger everyone in the workplace, including yourself.

We will keep a copy of this warning letter in your personnel file for [number of] years.

Please contact me if you have any questions or want to discuss the contents of this warning letter.


Truly yours,

[Signed OHS/HR Director]

I have read and understood this letter: __________________________________________

Date: ___________________