Three Incidents Result in $250,000 Fine for Steel Manufacturer

A steel manufacturer pleaded guilty to three OHS violations and was fined:

  • $150,000 for an incident in which workers were pouring liquid steel from a large vessel into a ladle when an unexpected reaction caused a fireball. Three workers suffered burns of varying degrees. The MOL found that the workers weren’t protected by a shield, screen or similar barrier;
  • $50,000 after a rolling trolley fell off a stationary lifting beam, striking a worker and causing injuries. The MOL found that the stoppers on the beam were worn and failed to protect the worker from the rolling trolley; and
  • $50,000. While workers were using a forklift to raise a 350 lb. cart from the main floor to the mezzanine level, the cart fell from the forks and struck a worker in the head, injuring him [Essar Steel Algoma Ltd., Govt. News Release, May 29, 2013].