The Qualities of an Effective Mentor

Effective mentors are individuals with as many of the following personal qualities as possible:

  • Familiarity with the company’s training procedures and objectives;
  • Sufficient work experience with the company;
  • Experience performing or overseeing the job functions to be carried out by the new/young worker;
  • Willingness to take the time to get to know the mentee and his/her learning style and limitations;
  • Someone who’s likely to listen to and observe new/young workers and intervene only when necessary for their protection;
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Patience;
  • The willingness and ability to provide specific feedback and direction;
  • The diligence to ensure mentees actually understand and practice what they’re taught;
  • The willingness to seek help or advice from another quarter where the mentor doesn’t have the answer to the mentee’s question;
  • A positive attitude and pride in his/her own work and the company;
  • The respect of his peers and supervisors;
  • Trustworthiness and reliability; and
  • Sincere eagerness to embrace the role of mentor and help the mentee.