The Aging Workforce

Title: The Aging Workforce
Speaker: Heather Hettiarachchi

With a large part of the workforce being middle aged or older there is an immediate need to understand and address the issues of this quickly growing group of workers, to keep them healthy and safe at work. In addition, employers could face a labour and skills shortage with the loss of older workers through early retirement, and fewer people entering the workforce. For employers to meet their labour needs, it is important to retain their skilled older workers. Accommodating the needs of those older workers can play a key role in that retention.

It is important for employers to understand the varied impact of this aging workforce. Generally, older workers may experience physical, sensory and cognitive changes that can accompany aging. On the other hand, they may also accumulate experience, knowledge, and insight as they age, making them a valuable resource for their organization.

This Webinar will cover:

  1. The Generations in the Workplace
  2. Human Rights in relation to the Aging Workforce
  3. Benefits for Older Workers
  4. Severance
  5. Succession Planning
  6. Retention of Older Workers

As always, at the end of the presentation, there will be a Q&A session during which you can ask questions about how to accommodate and retain an aging workforce.

Heather is a labour and employment lawyer, investigator and mediator, with a unique combination of legal expertise and extensive hands-on human resources management and labour relations experience. Her past career experience includes managing human resources at a large private insurance company and the University of British Columbia, and acting as Labour Relations Advisor to Vancouver Community College.

In addition to practicing in all areas of employment and labour law, through her firm, Integritas Workplace Law, Heather provides employers with general human resources support. She also conducts workplace investigations and provides workplace mediation services.