Survey for Participants of Take Our Kids to Work Day


Nov. 6, 2013 is the 19th annual Take Our Kids to Work Day in Canada. Created by The Learning Partnership, the program helps students in Grade 9 (and other participating young people) understand the realities of working life and begin exploring and planning their future career paths. From a safety perspective, it’s an opportunity to begin training workers of the future on the importance of workplace safety and their safety rights and responsibilities. After all, young workers are especially vulnerable to injury on the job. So starting this training as early as possible is a great way to protect them when they enter the workforce.

If your company participates in Take Our Kids to Work Day, it’s important to get feedback from the children who attend your workplace.


Adapt this survey for your workplace and any activities you hold on Take Our Kids to Work Day. Have all children who participate in the program complete the survey at the end of the day. Use their feedback to evaluate the success of the event and when planning future events for kids.