Upcoming Webinar: 3 Keys to Effective Use of Online Training Content


Date: August 23, 2017

Time: 9am-10am PST

Speaker: Natae Bugg, MS, CSP, Chief Safety Officer, Bongarde

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Aside from going digital, safety training really hasn’t changed a whole lot in the last 40 years. When asked how workers would describe a typical safety training experience, the word “torture” still comes up far too often. And that’s really the elephant in the room. Companies are struggling to create a thriving safety culture while still facing the same challenges. Employees are not engaged with the training; and worse, they are forgetting most of what they learn. This three-part webinar series will focus on:

    • 3 Keys to Effective Use of Online (Safety) Training Content.
    • Why Employees Forget 70% of their Training and What You Can Do.
    • Unlocking the Potential of a Better LMS.

In part one of the series, Disengagement is Dangerous – 3 Keys to Effective Use of Online Safety Training Content, Bongarde’s Chief Safety Officer, Natae Bugg, will cover:

    • Why you can’t use the same old content and expect new results.
    • How to engage your learners using new content concepts for online learning.
    • Why safety managers must be engaged in the training process and how to do it.

About the Speaker:

Natae Bugg is a CSP with 17 years of experience in the field of safety and health. She has worked as a safety and training manager in various fields, including construction, telecommunications and biotechnology. She was part of a team that helped launch a company-wide online safety training initiative to 26,000 employees as part of her tenure with T-Mobile. She currently works at SafetyNow, overseeing the development of training, compliance and reinforcement materials.