Criminal Liability for OHS Violations: A Review of Ten Years of Bill C-45 Cases


Bill C-45 amended the Criminal Code in 2004 to make it easier for prosecutors to lay criminal charges against employers and their management for safety violations. But what has happened since? This webinar reviews the Bill C-45 cases since 2004 and present key lessons for employers. It answers these questions:

• How many Bill C-45 prosecutions have there been so far?
• What is prosecutors’ record in Bill C-45 cases?
• What are the characteristics of successful C-45 prosecutions?
• What penalties and fines have been imposed in those cases?
• When are Bill C-45 charges most likely?
• How have unions and others been advocating for more Bill C-45 charges?
• What steps should employers take to reduce the risk of Bill C-45 charges?

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About the Presenter

Adrian Miedema is a partner in the Toronto Employment Group of Dentons Canada LLP. He advises and represents public- and private-sector employers in employment, health and safety and human rights matters. He appears before employment tribunals and all levels of the Ontario courts on behalf of employers. He also advises employers on strategic and risk management considerations in employment policy and contracts.