Separate Safety Incidents Result in $80,000 Fine for Importer

Workers for an importer, distributor and retailer of stone, granite and tile were injured while moving stone slabs in two separate safety incidents that occurred one day apart. In one incident, a worker climbed a folded step ladder that was leaning against a bundle of stone. He was transitioning to the top of the slabs while carrying the 40-foot chain in one hand when the base of the ladder slipped and he fell onto the top corner of the stone bundle., suffering a broken bone and cut. The importer pleaded guilty and was fined $20,000 for this incident. In the other incident, a temporary agency worker was helping a forklift operator—also a temp worker—in moving a number of large stone slabs in the warehouse. The forklift’s boom came down quickly and struck the slabs, causing them to fall on the worker in the middle of the slabs. He had to undergo surgery for internal injuries. The importer also pleaded guilty as to this incident and was fined $60,000 [Ciot Toronto Inc., Govt. News Release, March 8, 2016].