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One of the “gaps” in the current OHS system: “Many workers have little to no understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety Act or their rights as workers.” This lack of understanding makes workers more vulnerable to injury—and exposes employers to greater liability risks.

This is one of the conclusions of the Dean Commission, the panel created by the Ontario government to review the province’s OHS system after the tragic scaffold collapse in Toronto on Christmas Eve 2009. Last month, the so-called Dean Commission issued its eagerly anticipated report.

Recommendation 10 calls on the government to create and require employers to display a poster that explains the key rights and responsibilities of workplace parties and tells workers how to get additional health and safety information and contact the Ministry of Labour.

Of course, at this point, the recommendation is just that—a recommendation. But all employers should post this information even if there’s no law requiring it—even if they’re not from Ontario. Here’s a version you can use for Alberta.


We’ve created a Model Notice that lists the key information the Dean Commission says should be communicated to workers, i.e., the rights and responsibilities under the OHS laws of:

  • Workers; and
  • Employers.


  1. Put the information listed in the Model Notice into a poster or other large document that can be easily read
  2. Post the document in a conspicuous place in your workplace where all workers are likely to see it.
  3. Also put the information into a notice and transmit it to workers via your intranet or internal newsletter.


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