ASSE Releases Teen Worker Safety Tool Kit


In Canada, it’s estimated that young workers are five times more likely to get injured in the first four weeks on the job than their more senior co-workers. In fact, the Dean Commission in Ontario specifically noted that young workers are a particularly vulnerable group in need of additional protections.

In recognition of the need to get young workers thinking about safety early, the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) has developed a new safety tool kit designed to educate teens entering the workforce for the first time or returning to a seasonal job. One component of the tool kit uses an interesting hook to get young people’s attention: zombies.

ASSE Uses Zombies to Teach Safety

The ASSE’s comprehensive Target Teen Work Safety electronic tool kit includes an interactive online computer game, Don’t Be a Zombie at Work, in which players navigate hazards at BodgeDab Industries, a company notorious for bad safety practices. You can get helpful hints from safety professionals to complete each level. Armed with a map, a cell phone full of ASSE contacts and inventory items collected during each level, by the end of the game, players must conquer the evil boss Damballa Bokor…or be turned into zombies!

The ASSE Target Teen Work Safety tool kit also includes:

OHS Insider Young Worker Resource

For more information on how to protect young—and other vulnerable—workers, click here to download a special report from the OHS Insider that tells you how workers’ “newness” can impact their health and safety and how to protect:

  • Young workers;
  • New workers; and
  • Workers who don’t speak English as their first language.