Worker Can Use Medical Marijuana to Treat Pain from Compensable Injuries


A worker was injured on the job in a single vehicle rollover incident. His injuries were covered by worker’s comp but his request for coverage for the use of medical marijuana to manage his pain was denied. The Appeals Commission found that the weight of evidence shows that the use of marijuana is a reasonable and necessary medical aid for the treatment of the worker’s compensable injuries. The worker tried or considered all other conventional medical aid and found them to be medically inappropriate. His pain stems from a compensable injury. There’s also sufficient evidence to indicate that the use of medical marijuana has a positive effect on human health outcomes as part of a comprehensive work return or rehab program. And the worker can legally get medical marijuana form an accredited source, added the Commission [Decision No.: 2014-1174, [2015] CanLII 1059 (AB WCAC), Jan. 19, 2015].